Lake Jocassee Waterfall Tours


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Lake Jocassee Waterfall Tours

Join Eclectic Sun for our Lake Jocassee Waterfall Tours offered every Friday. You will enjoy a 3-hour tour of Lake Jocassee and her many waterfalls. Some of the largest waterfalls to be visited are Laurel Fork Falls, Wrights Creek Falls, and Mill Creek Falls.

Why so many Waterfalls?

Lake Jocassee is surrounded by the Jocassee Gorges. with over 40,000 acres. Jocassee is fed by 4 wild and scenic rivers and many small tributaries. The steep terrain along with the abundance of the rivers and small creeks is the reason there are so many waterfalls on this lake. It is no wonder the lake and area were recognized in National Geographic magazine’s “50 of the World’s Last Great Places” Destinations of a Lifetime.

Here’s looking forward to a bright and joyful summer season on Lake Jocassee with Eclectic Sun!



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