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Kayak Rentals Lake Jocassee 8 Hour Single Kayak or Tandem Kayak Full Day

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Single Kayak or Tandem Kayaks 8 Hour Rental. To make a reservation on-line make your choices. Choose # of Kayaks, Choose Single or Tandem, Sit-In or Sit-On-Top. Pick your date and time and check out!

Product Description

Kayak Rentals Lake Jocassee

Kayak Rentals Lake Jocassee reserve now with Eclectic Sun Rentals. Choices are specified below, so you can make an informed decision on the type and size of kayak to rent.

Tandem (2 Person) Kayak Specifications

Perception Cove Sit-In Tandem 14.5 – Quantity 4
  • LENGTH: 14′ 6″ / 442 cm, WIDTH: 25″ / 79 cm
  • BOAT WEIGHT: 71 lbs. / 31 kg, MAX CAPACITY: 550 lbs. / 249 kg
Perception Tribe Sit-On-Top Tandem 13.5 – Quantity 12
  • LENGTH: 13′ 5″ / 408 cm, WIDTH: 75″ / 86 cm
  • BOAT WEIGHT: 67 lbs. / 30 kg, MAX CAPACITY: 500 lbs. / 226 kg

Single (1 Person) Kayak Specifications

Perception Tribe Sit-On-Top Single 9.5 – Quantity 7
  • LENGTH: 9′ 5″ / 287 cm, WIDTH: 25″ / 79 cm
  • BOAT WEIGHT: 46 lbs. / 21 kg, MAX CAPACITY: 300 lbs. / 136 kg
Perception Striker Sit-On-Top Single 11.5-Fishing Kayak W/Rod Holders – Quantity 4 
  • LENGTH: 11′ 6″ / 351 cm, WIDTH: 33″ / 84 cm
  • BOAT WEIGHT: 65 lbs. / 29 kg, MAX CAPACITY: 500 lbs. / 227 kg
Old Town Sit-In Single Kayak Vapor 12 Angler-Fishing Kayak also W/Rod Holders – Quantity 6
  • LENGTH: 12′ / 3.7 m, WIDTH: 5″ / 72.4 cm
  • WEIGHT: 56 lbs. / 25.4 kg, Max Load Range: 325 – 375 lbs. / 147.4 – 170.1 kg

Please remember!  Devils Fork State Park is very busy on the summer weekends and holidays. When the parking is full they start turning people away. So if you have a reservation with Eclectic Sun, you will need to be able to show a confirmation to the Ranger to be able to enter the park. We suggest you car pool and plan to arrive at least 30 min. prior to your reserved time. If you are a guest camping or staying in the villas, this does not pertain to you since you will already be in the park.

As an emphasis, Lake Jocassee is a paradise to explore and enjoy, but  you always  need to be aware of safety concerns and changing weather conditions, so you are as prepared as possible to take action to protect yourself. Eclectic Sun  gives specific safety instruction and guidelines to be observed while out on the water. Such as what is the appropriate purpose and use of your emergency signaling device (whistle), the importance of proper fitting life jackets  and also where to navigate to avoid dangerous situations. In conclusion the adage  “Better Safe than Sorry” always applies.


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