Waterfalls of Jocassee

Laurel Fork Falls

Witnessing 80-foot high Laurel Fork Falls from a boat in the waters of Lake Jocassee is a once-in-a-lifetime shot. Take it.  Once you navigate into Laurel Fork Creek cove and catch the initial view of the falls, find a crescent-shaped grotto behind the rocky tower. The waterfall goes into hiding until you round the last of the crescent. Then……

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Wright’s Creek Falls

Wright’s Creek Falls is located in a cove off the Thompson River finger of Lake Jocassee. Wrights Creek Falls has three tiers, the lower of which plunges directly into the lake at high water levels, allowing you to pull your boat right up to the splashing water. At lower water levels, you can tie off your boat and walk behind the falls. You can paddle to this magnificent sight in about two hour from our Eclectic Sun kayak launch. I usually recommend planning at least 6 hours so you can enjoy yourself along the way and when you get to the falls.

Mill Creek Falls

Mill Creek Falls on the upper end of Lake Jocassee is the perfect spot to stop your boat for a picnic and  a swim right up to the falls. This Falls grows as the lake levels drop due to the depth of the lake here. You are very likely to experience the sighting of an Eagle or two if you keep your eye out here.

Upper Whitewater Falls

Whitewater Falls is the highest waterfall east of the Rockies, falling 811 feet! The Upper Falls plummets 411 feet. It’s on the Whitewater River in the Jocassee Gorge area of North Carolina. The 400-foot Lower Falls can be accessed from a different location in South Carolina. The Whitewater River and through the series of Whitewater Falls flows into Lake Jocassee.

Lower Whitewater Falls

The entire Whitewater Falls chain – six different waterfalls along the North and South Carolina border – is the highest series of falls in eastern North America. And…..

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