Summer of Fun 2017

Sep 1, 2017 | Eclectic Sun, Lake Jocassee, News

Eclectic Sun at Lake Jocassee and the Sun is always shining”! Sometimes it may be obscured by some form either atmospheric or in this case celestial matter, makes no difference because you are lucky enough to be on Jocassee. As the moon shadowed the Sun’s very bright center on August 21st, 2017 the lucky witnessed a truly rare event here above Lake Jocassee of a Total Eclipse. And it was Awesome! The summer of 2017 has been full of fun and wondrous events and as we look forward to the Fall of 2017 we expect more of the same.

Labor Day Weekend is commonly referred to as the last celebration of Summer and we all try and get to the lake to enjoy every last bit of summer as our reward for working so very hard. Eclectic Sun is open for business through the last weekend of November so we do not necessarily consider it the end of the Summer of Fun. The waters of Jocassee stay warm-up through October so let the summer of fun continue.

If you would like to reserve a boat, please contact us at:

Eclectic Sun LLC, Pontoon & Paddlesports Rentals
Devils Fork State Park Pavillion

Eclectic Sun, on beautiful and scenic Lake Jocassee, is Devils Fork State Park’s on-site supplier for all things to do on and around the lake. The “PAVILION” in the day use picnic area of the park is where you will find us. Eclectic Sun is a genuine Surf Shop and Snack-Bar combined. Watersports equipment is available for sale and rent.

Eclectic Sun is here to make your day on the water the best it can be. Whether you’re a Pro or just a Beginner our friendly staff is here to assist you with all your Paddle Sports needs.

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On September 9th the Friends of Jocassee join forces with Devils Fork State Park, Duke Energy, and the Kayak and Dive communities to do a clean-up of our pristine Lake Jocassee and the surrounding area, please join us. On the 16th there will be an Open Water competition which is always spectacular.

“Please, we all live under the same Sun and let’s make an effort to let the things we have in common unite us”