Paddleboarding Lake Jocassee

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Stand-Up-Paddleboards or SUP for short, has come to Jocassee. According to SUP World Magazine, “stand up has become such a diverse and vibrant sport it defies strict definition, leaving its early roots as elusive as its modern surge into popularity. Even now only two things seem constant: we stand while paddling a surfing-style craft and we use a long paddle to propel the craft forward.

BOUNCE- Stand-Up-Paddleboards

LENGTH: 11′     WIDTH: 33″
BOAT WEIGHT: 32lbs     MAX CAPACITY: 250lbs

GLIDE- Stand-Up-Paddleboards

LENGTH: 11′     WIDTH: 34″
BOAT WEIGHT: 30lbs     MAX CAPACITY: 300lbs

SOL- Carbon GalaXy- SOLTrain- Stand-Up-Paddleboards

LENGTH: 10’7″     WIDTH: 36″
BOAT WEIGHT: 36lbs     MAX CAPACITY: 475lbs